If you are a parent of an FRC student, you MUST make a FIRST account. The process is as listed below...
  1. Go to
  2. Click on "SIgn Up"
             a. This will take you to "Create a new FIRST account"
             b. Complete all of the information and click Register
    3. You will recieve an e-mail immediately from FIRST (check your SPAM folder)
    4. Click to accept Account which confirms you and your account
    5. Complete the CONTACT information

If you have an account...
  1. Log in to your account (this will take you to your dashboard)
  2. Find the button that says "I want to +" click the "+"
  3. Click on the box saying "complete youth registration"
  4. If your child appears go to step 6, if not got to add youth
  5. Click add youth and fill in the requested information
  6. Click on "Apply to FRC team"
  7. Enter the team number, (3511)
  8. Click OK
  9. If you see a red "incomplete", then you have not finished registration
  10. Click on the "edit/view" underneath the incomplete
  11. This will bring up the information you need to complete
  12. Continue until there are no more red incompletes
  13. Click OK

The Coach Should Then be Able to Find the Students on their System

 You will need to create an account using your EMAIL that your parent provided.